Genius African Egg Donor Needed - $50,000 Compensation

We are a couple seeking an African egg donor to help build our family. You should have or be working on a university degree from a world-class university, you should have high standardized test scores, and preferably have some outstanding achievements and awards. We prefer African race, or dark Asian Indian. You should be between 18-35 years old.

We are happy to pay you well above market compensation for your egg donation.

An example of our ideal egg donor: 21 year old African MIT student with A grade point average, near-perfect SAT score, several awards in high school and university. She wants to be an egg donor in order to help bring a child into the world with the same special gifts she has.

Your eggs will be fertilized with sperm from the man, and the resulting embryos used to impregnate the woman, or possibly a surrogate mother.

About us: we are a highly educated couple, but we are unable to have children due to infertility of the woman. The man is a highly accomplished scientist/mathematician and businessman, the woman has a good university degree. The man is of European race.

We value education, and we live in one of the best school districts in the world. We hope that our child will be a top student, as each of us was, and that he/she will be able to go to university at MIT or Caltech or Stanford or other top university.

For more information, please email us

Thank you for helping us build our family.